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1.Innovative and Exclusive Patent Technology : PFCs Free Non toxic C zero based Hyper Durable Water Repellent treated Fabric and Down.
2.Extension of Product’s life span through DWR treated patent technology, keeping products dry and fresh.
3.Superior functional Down with Hypoallergenic, Anti odour by Anti microbial effect, Faster dry, hyper durability within life- time of product(5~10 years).
4.Verified products by consumers in the market through sold out of 17/18 FW products, supplied to our major brand buyers through OEM supply.
5.2018/2019 Korea Green Product Award from Green purchase network through verification and voting by consumers and
professional panels. As a sole apparel Brand rewarder.
Stay Dry– A certain portion of moisture absorption to keep its loft retained
– 4~8 times faster dry than untreated down
– Quick recovery of high loft in wet condition
Washable– Maintain durable water repellency after Multi-washes within product life span
– Washable without losing water repellency and durability
Lightweight– No gain of weight via hydrophobic treatment
– Warmer and lighter than synthetic
– Superior longer durability, Maintain 95% fill power after 10 washes
Natural– Natural based material treated Down, PFCs (PFOA, PFOS 13 Types) Free
– No Allergen, Odour free from sweat
– Ethically sourced 100% recyclable and renewable natural down product

Hydrophobic MRD Down is very resilient under any damp condition : snow, rain, sweat

Regular untreated down
MRD®Down : Hyper DWR treated down
Once it’s wet, it loses insulation of loft
→ exposure to possible danger of hypothermia
Resilient to moistures
→ safe and fresh dry
Taking quite a long hours to dry(3~4 h)
→ health risk and life threatening stage in longer
exposure under wet and cold condition
Superior quick dryness and recovery of its loft and insulation
→ preserving body temperature from extreme condition.
Activity growth of bacteria and microorganism under damp Condition
→ Foul, unwanted bad smell → produce various allergens
Anti- microbial activity restrains bacteria and virus development
→ Allergen Free and Anti odour
→ No harm for health & body and Eco-friendly Natural
MRD Hyper Down
Eco Friendly · Inovative · High Functional Wellbeing Down Jacket
365 Every day Keep Fresh and Dry
Maintain world-class functionality and ultra-durable water repellency