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Per- and polyfluorinated chemicals

PFCs are Per and Polyfluorinated chemicals used as the base compounds in surfactants,
water repellents and anti-fouling that are used on everything from outdoor goods to fast food containersand consumer products, including carpets,
textiles and leather products, due to their chemical properties such as their ability to repel both water and oil.
They are also used in fire-fighting foams and paints.

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MRD is PFCs free

MRD®(MiracleRealDown) is Eco-Friendly Green Product

Healthy, Safe, Non-ToxicC Zero based Hyper Durable Water Repellenttreated Down Jacket with no hazardous chemicals including harmful PFCs
MRD® JacketsContain BluesignAccredited Fabricand Down
Eliminate sources of harmful PFCs substances and Allergen

UL Hong Kong Lab 13Types of PFCs Test Final “Not-Detected and PASS”
We are currently waiting on an approval from the UL,
regarding the PFCs Free Certificate of the MRD products, which includes all the variants of the PFCs family.
The MRD Jacket was Awarded the Korea Green Product of 2018& 2019 bythe Korea Green Purchasing Network.

Eco-Friendly Hyper DWR Performance MRD is the only Down product
in the world without 13types of PFCs considering ecological impact and social responsibility and sustainable world.