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About Us

Hong Kong Mega Show

The Seoul Development Institute (SBA) held the “2019 Hong Kong Mega Show”
the world’s largest consumer goods exhibition held in Hong Kong,
a global transit trade market and free economic zone, to advance into overseas markets, and the MRD products,
an eco-friendly product, were displayed from 2019.10.20 to 10.23.

ISPO Munich 2019 : 2019.2.3 to 2.6

First Run : 1970 / Area : Area : 180,000 m2
international trade show for sporting goods and sports fashion
Under the ISPO brand, Mesh Munich International Trade Fair offers events and services for the global sports industry.
The goal is to provide comprehensive value added to help customers successfully position themselves in the market.

2018 Germany International Outdoor Fair

It was held for three days from 2018.6.17 to 6.20 in Friedrichshapen, Germany
It is the largest outdoor fair in the world, bringing together world-famous outdoor companies to showcase their new products and technologies.
Our eco-friendly high-functioning MRD download jacket was introduced, so it was very popular.

China Hi-Tech Fair : 2017.11.16 to 11.21

China’s largest high-tech industry fair with more than 3,050 technology-related companies from 46 countries each year,
with 590,000 visitors. The program starts at Shenzhen Hi-Tech Fair, Manufacturing and Incubator Shenzhen in China,
runs through Hwachang Bay and local manufacturing plants to China Hi-Tech Fair, and provides an opportunity to
understand the current state of the Chinese market and business, and obtain manufacturing and collaboration partners.