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About Us

Biz Philosophy

There is no business on a dead planet.
We don't inherit the earth from our ancestors,
but we borrow it from our children.

Dr. David Brower
Biz Slogan
Your happiness with Delights.
“Every New Day is a Chance to Change Your Life”
CEO Greeting

The latest incidents such as Radioactive mattress “Radon bed scandal “ and “Oxy incident”, the toxic humidifier sterilizer,
alarm customers of their unawareness of being disclosed to hazardous chemicals to threaten their health and life
among their daily consuming items, including outerwear.

As a pioneer of Eco-friendly Down apparel company, we aim to develop the most environmentally benign products in the fashion industry markets.
We will continue to commit our efforts to develop the highly functional and stylish down products for the sake of the safety and wellbeing
of our family and next generation rather than just seeking after making profits out of business.

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