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The devastation of habitats of lives and the risk of extinction of endangered species have been acceleratedby the increase of
polluted environment due to increase of industrial development with extreme climate changes.
PFCs, environmentally hazardous toxic substance, can accumulate in the blood and liver of artic animals and cause harm to reproduction,
promote the growth of tumours by attacking immuine system and affect the hormone system and result in extinction at last

Development of the MRD brand symbol with the motif of Arctic animals in the face of extinction for protection
Artic Fox

Also known as white fox, polar fox or snow fox.

The Artic fox with small rounded ears is the only canid whose foot pads are covered in fur. To prevent heat loss, the Artic fox curls up tightly tucking its legs and head under its body and behind its furry tail to minimize the escape of body heat. They are the only canid that changes the color of its coat in the summer. There are two genetically distinct coat color morphs : White and Blue.

Color point
Maintenance of warmth
In spite of snow, rain and sweat.

The Artic fox doesn’t bother with frosty ice surface due to hairy feet pad. The warmth of Artic Fox fur is better than Red Fox fur by 50% As the temperature drops, the thickness of Artic fox’s layered fur increases by 200 % and it slows down Iits metabolism rate by 40~50% to adapt in frigid cold like Greenland as low as minus 50 Celsius

Survival and life protection in extreme environment

The connection point between MRD & Artic Fox : Survival and life protection in extreme environment

Brand Story

Most consumers buy expensive premium brand product including outdoor wearing without knowing the usage of the
fatal hazardous chemical toxins for functionality of products and their harmful effect on their health and
lifewhile they desire to enjoy their leisure and outdoor activities for their well-being benefits. It’s paradoxical situation.
Polluted environment to next generation Endangered animals and lives

Polluted environment to next generation
Polluted environment to next generation