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ALLIED F & D - Down

Tracking & Verifying your MRD Down Sourcing and All Information in real time thru QR Code

Allied - Sourcing & Traceability


The foundation of the finest down insulation will always be how and where it is sourced. Previously,
and still for many today, the down supply chain consisted of a fairly simple network of brokers.
These brokers would aggregate material from various sources and regions and sell to suppliers who would process and ship the down to manufacturers.
In this model, there is no transparency and traceability is impossible. At its inception ALLIED knew there was a better way to source down.
ALLIED developed relationships directly with the farms to provide better quality, higher levels of consistency,
price stability and a level of transparency and traceability previously thought impossible.

The supply chain is incredibly complex and makes it that much more important to look for down from a reputable supplier
like ALLIED to ensure it was sourced responsibly.

The supply chain consists of two different modules—and industrial farm supply
chain as well as a collector based supply. Both are highlighted below.