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Global Top No.1 Major Down Supplier


Allied delivers the best quality product in the industry. We have built strong and trusting relationships with the largest suppliers worldwide.
Every step of the process, from where we source the down, to how we clean it and then deliver finished product,
ensures our customers they have acquired the finest quality down and feathers on the market.


Allied operates several state-of-the-art plants: two in California, one in North Carolina and two in China.
Because we are known for sourcing and providing the highest caliber down, quality control is paramount to our success.
Our in-house lab is fully staffed with experts who test our down for Content, Species, Fill Power, Cleanliness (Oxygen, Turbidity) and more.
We also send samples of every lot of down we produce to an independent and IDFB-accredited down testing laboratory.
This thoroughness and objectivity ensure our products meet and exceed industry requirements.
As we grow, we are ever mindful of our footprint on the Earth,
which is why we have implemented many environmentally sensitive initiatives including a system that enables Allied to use recycled water to process our down.
We also recycle and reuse many of our shipping supplies in order to reduce our consumption and waste.
We have installed renewable energy systems in our offices and facilities.
Our commitment to never use harmful chemicals or caustic substances that could endanger the environment has earned
Allied local governmental recognition for being a clean and efficient factory.

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