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PFCs are Per and Polyfluorinated chemicals used as the base compounds in surfactants,
water repellents and anti-fouling that are used on everything from outdoor goods to fast food containersand consumer products, including carpets,
textiles and leather products, due to their chemical properties such as their ability to repel both water and oil.
They are also used in fire-fighting foams and paints.

The blue sign was triggered by Scholler Textil AG in 1977, in the process of carrying out the leading island dairy product. Therefore, it is an independent fiber standard created by Bluesign Technologies AG, established in Switzerland in 2000.
Currently, the blue sign is picked from a number of textile forward companies and the brands that are well known are actively participating in this standard for sustainable textile production.
The basis of regulation is not only the protection, air, and water discharge of Sobaza as a single standard but also the law on protecting the lasik industry under the general purpose of resource productivity.
This blue sign is a practical solution that can promote the reputation of the entire textile production process without fail of function, quality, and design, and receive blue company from brands and retailers.In the fiber supply chain, the third party independent institution capable of continuous monitoring to reduce environmental problems.

MRD®(MiracleRealDown) is Eco-Friendly Green Product

Healthy, Safe, Non-ToxicC Zero based Hyper Durable Water Repellenttreated Down Jacket with no hazardous chemicals including harmful PFCs
MRD® JacketsContain BluesignAccredited Fabricand Down, Eliminate sources of harmful PFCs substances and Allergen