700FP Long Slimfit Quilted Round Neck Jacket DGMRDW9DJ004 [Beige]
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X-Small (Asia S, 90), Small (Asia M, 95), Medium (Asia L, 100), Large (Asia XL, 105)

2 reviews for 700FP Long Slimfit Quilted Round Neck Jacket DGMRDW9DJ004 [Beige]

    February 3, 2020
    I love the cold weather ❄ so naturally I love jackets. I own more jackets than any other clothing item.⁣

    •Color: Beige - which is greyish/brownish color. It's in the neutral family & I love it.⁣

    •Size S: I wear S or M in jackets. The Small fits perfect - its fitted in all the right places - flexible & comfortable.⁣

    ❄•The jacket is so lightweight, yet so powerful. I can be warm without being bulky. I am obsessed & receive so many compliments on this jacket.⁣

    •The Details of this coat are impressive & worth the high price tag:⁣

    •Free of Harmful PFCs (with the documentation to prove it) & Hypoallergenic⁣

    •Outer Shell:⁣
    ▪︎100% Nylon⁣

    ▪︎Thin Microporous Coating: Keeps water/snow on the outside & evaporates sweat from the inside⁣

    ▪︎DWR (Durable Water Repellant) Treated: prevents rain/snow from drenching outside of the jacket⁣

    ▪︎700 Fill Power - provides great warmth in cold weather & mild warmth in mild weather (so you dont sweat)⁣

    ▪︎90:10 ratio (Down:Feathers) - highest quality ratio, used by all high-end brands (Moncler, North Face, etc.)⁣

    ▪︎Water Repellant Treated - dries 40x faster than untreated down⁣

    •Other Notable Features:⁣

    ☆ Packable Bag⁣
    ☆ Quilted Design⁣
    ☆ Slim Fit⁣
    ☆ Removable Hood⁣
    ☆ Hand Warming Super Soft Side Pockets w/ zipper⁣
    ☆ Inside Storm Cuffs - stops wind/moisture entering sleeves⁣
    ☆ Front Snap Zipper - slightly annoying, but makes the zipper durable as hell⁣

    • Overall - Highly recommend this jacket. From the production ensuring there was no harmful chemicals in any of the process, to the high quality materials & features, to the stylish & perfectly tailored silhouette. ⁣This is a high quality item that can compete with some of the best.⁣★

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    o******* K**
    January 31, 2020
    Thickness, length and style are all good.
    It would be nice to have some more buttons on the hood.
    I didn't want to zip it up, but the MRD padding jumper is so comfortable because it's amazing if you put a circle under the zipper.
    I wish I could get rid of the bottom scab, it keeps sticking to my clothes.
    I wear it everyday. Thank you for your nice clothes.

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