700FP Long Slimfit Quilted Round Neck Jacket DGMRDW9DJ001 [Black]
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5 reviews for 700FP Long Slimfit Quilted Round Neck Jacket DGMRDW9DJ001 [Black]

    February 3, 2020
    ★The DWR slimfit light weight jacket is so amazing! It protects and keeps you dry in the rainy days. Perfect for all winter and to play in the snowy Chicago weather. I highly recommend the coat!
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    2019년 12월 8일
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    February 3, 2020
    Ok so this jacket is everything you guys I mean omg ?. I honestly didn’t know what to expect but not only is this jacket extremely cute and fashionable but it also fits the shape of my body really well. It looks so good on me when I wear it and goes with just about anything I wear. I really like how long it is and the sleeves of the jacket fits perfectly down to a T. I mention that because I always have a problem in that department. I’m 5’9 and reasonably slender so when ever ordering any kind of jacket I have to decide between getting the jacket a size bigger so it can fit my arm length but then it will be loose and baggy or get it in my regular size which is small but risk the arm length not being long enough. So I was truly grateful when I put the coat on and realized that it fit perfectly. Now as far as it keeping me warm I did have to wear a hoodie under it because it is a bit more on the thin side. But once I put the hoodie under the coat it kept me completely warm while I was outside. The coat is really light weight and comfortable. It doesn’t weigh you down at all and makes it somewhat easy to move around in. I got the color black because I personally feel like black goes with everything and I’m so happy that I did so because I truly love this jacket so much. As far as I’m concerned I had absolutely zero issue with this jacket while wearing it. It is sturdy, fits comfortably, is easy to move around in, kept me warm, it was very easy to zip and unzip the jacket the zipper never got stuck, and the jacket is just down right cute and most certainly my style. It is one of my most favorite try’s thus far from .08 liter and I’m so happy they chose me.

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    2019년 12월 12일
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    February 3, 2020
    #Repost @bnicole.87 (@get_repost)
    ❄️MRD Slimfit lightweight jacket❄️ Soo, I was lucky enough to have recieved this amazing MRD lightweight jacket!! Thanks to #08liter for the chance in exchange for my review! It’s made to be light weight and keep you dry from sweat and precipitation as well! Made with eco friendly products! It is an awesome jacket!! Where I live it’s been in the 30’s and this jacket is amazing!! It keeps you super warm, but doesn’t burn you up! If it’s snowing or raining you don’t have to worry it doesn’t soak into your jacket!! It also has a detachable hood and carrying bag! I have been wearing mine for several days and I absolutely love it!! It’s the perfect winter jacket for sure!! It is a very high quality jacket!! If you haven’t tried this brand out, you definitely should!! This is by far one of the best jackets I’ve ever had! If your an outdoorsman this would be perfect for you!! I highly recommend this jacket! I got the men’s, in small navy blue and I love it!!♡

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    January 23, 2020
    It looks too thin and it is very warm.
    I'll wear it well. Thank you.
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    January 6, 2020
    너무 핏이 이쁘고 맘에듭니다.
    크리스마스 최고의 선물이었어요 ^^
    매일 입고 다닐거에요~

    It's so pretty and
    It was the best gift for Christmas. ^^
    I'll wear it every day.
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