700FP Long Slimfit Quilted Round Neck Jacket DGMRDW9DJ005 [Burgundy pink]
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6 reviews for 700FP Long Slimfit Quilted Round Neck Jacket DGMRDW9DJ005 [Burgundy pink]

    February 3, 2020
    This Jacket is designed for outdoor use to keep you warm and dry during any activities you may have, rain should bounce right off and you should be able to stay warm and dry.
    This jacket is breathable yet slim fit so it keeps all the warm in and the cold out.
    It features a detachable hood for those days you don’t need it and can just take it off and reattach it when you want, it is simple and easy with buttons on the sides so you don’t have to worry about it falling off and can just pull it when your done.
    This also features a zipper with a button at the bottom, for me personally I had trouble figuring it out but once you do it’s super easy and all you have to do is line it up with the button and it attaches and you zip it up, I actually love it because it’s convenient for quick use.
    This also I noticed comes with a pouch and I wasn’t sure what it was for but after reading about the jacket more I realized it was to put the jacket in and that’s amazing that it’s compressed to be able to roll up and fit in a little pouch so you can travel with it.
    I love the five different colors to choose from! I personally picked the pink burgundy because I love anything pink and burgundy is a beautiful color but they have ones that include..
    -Beige,Cream,Navy,Blue,Black,Burgundy Pink-
    They also have ones for men that look similar they are just shorter instead of long way.
    The price range is around $399 Which is pricey but if you can afford it this makes the perfect winter jacket.
    Overall I love this jacket from the color to the warmth, it’s all amazing, these come in S, M, L, XL
    I got the L because I wasn’t sure what size would fit and it fits pretty well, I love how it works with your body, it does look a little odd to me all zipped up but I don’t mind if it’s keeping me warm that’s all that matters because it’s cute and stylish and I’m ready to rock it this winter.

    #MRD #MIRACLEREALDOWN #Ecofriendly #Nontoxic #PFCFree #WinterJacket #LightweightJacket #GooseDownJacket #DurableWaterRepellent #08L #WaterRepellent

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    2019년 12월 12일
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    February 3, 2020
    #Repost @realmofvibes (@get_repost)
    Happy Thanksgiving! Humbly greatful for the companies that have chosen me to review their products on social media! Blessed to have a loving family, wonderful friends, two awesome dogs, great jobs, my health, and happiness. I appreciate it all and Thank God every day for my blessings. ?
    AD ● In this post I thank @0.8l_usa and @delights12 for my gorgeous MRD SlimFit Lightweight Down Jacket. Not only is it waterproof, but it has a detachable hood AND carrying case. I am wearing a size Large in the burgundy pink color. The MRD jacket is made in a non-toxic, eco-friendly manner, and is by far one of the warmest jackets that I own. I am ready to tackle this winter in NJ! See www.delights12.com for more info. ?
    To you and yours, have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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    February 3, 2020
    #Repost @missislaughter (@get_repost)
    I am so fortunate to have been chosen to review the MRD PFC Free DWR Slimfit Lightweight 700FP Down JK Jacket!! The price is regularly USD $399. It is high-functional outergear. It has patent technology that contains Bluesign Accredited Material Fabric and Down. The outer is ?% Nylon, 20d C Zero PFCs Free DWR treated and is a breathable, ultra-thin, microporous, Down-proof coating without membrane film. (Insulation) Fluorocarbon Free WR treated greygoose 700 Fill Power 90:10. It is 4-8 times faster drying when wet.
    It also has these special features:
    ✓slimfit quilted design
    ✓detachable hood ✓zip-up neck
    ✓front soap zipper (easy handling w/ gloves)
    ✓hand warmer w/ brushed tricot
    ✓side pockets w/ semi-autolock zipper slider
    ✓inside elastic storm cuffs
    ✓100% safe green product
    ✓ethically sourced and sustainable supply chain
    ✓40 times hydrophobic durability
    ✓also comes with a travel item packable bag.
    I have been really loving it and it keeps me super warm!! I don't have to worry about the outside elements damaging it. I love the length and it fits me just right!! I want to thank .08liter for this unique item and opportunity to test such a nice and comfortable product!!

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    2019년 12월5일
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    D******* &**** G*****
    February 3, 2020
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    Estrenando casaca for los congelados Newyores. Me salió la oportunidad de probar esta casaca y me afané demasiado porque es preciosa!! No estaba segura de que fuera a aguantar el frío neoyorkino porque es delgadita pero abriga BUENAZOO!! La amo ?
    #MRD #MIRACLEREALDOWN #Ecofriendly #Nontoxic #PFCFree #WinterJacket #LightweightJacket #GooseDownJacket #WaterRepellent #DurableWaterRepellent
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    2020년 1월6일
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    February 2, 2020
    Purchase option: Burgundypink /100

    네이비색상구입했는데 옷이 너무 맘에들어서 버건디색상도 재구매했어요. ^^
    모자도 탈부착이라 두가지 스타일로 입을수 있네요.
    봄에는 모자를 떼어내고 입으면 좋을것 같아요.
    가볍고 활동적이어서 운동이나 산책나갈때도 따뜻하고 너무 좋은것 같아요.
    색상이 이쁜것 같아요. 햇빛에선 더 이쁘네여^^
    잘 입을께요~

    I bought navy blue, and I liked my clothes so much that I bought burgundy again. ^^
    The hat is removable, so I can wear it in two styles.
    In spring, it would be nice to take your hat off and wear it.
    It's light and active, so it's warm and nice to go for a walk or exercise.
    I think the color is pretty. You look prettier in the sun.
    I'll wear it well.
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    D******* &**** G*****
    January 3, 2020
    #Repost @camaro.johanna with @make_repost
    Someone's ready for colder weather...I'm mean not necessarily READY per say, but at least I'll be prepared. ?☺️ This down jacket is seriously SO warm! I was sweating just trying to get these pics lol I really like that the pockets are lined with a super soft fleece-like material and that it also has pockets on the inside. This product is portable and packable making it easy to take on a trip or when traveling. The color is so beautiful too! I love the deep maroon color. My all time favorite. I like that the hood is detachable and comes with a travel bag. The material in this jacket makes it extremely warm and also hyper water repellant making it perfect for not only colder weather but wet weather. It's breathable and lightweight. I cannot wait to take this beautiful coat with me up to the mountains when it snows. I will be snug as a bug in a rug! For a girl that hates the cold that is a MUST!!! This jacket is not only super comfortable, but super stylish as well. I can stay warm and look cute at the same time. Yay!! ♡ So thankful that I received this product for free in exchange for my honest opinions and review. ♡
    #productreview #producttester #productshot #down #staywarm #camaro #free #comfyandcozy #cozy #comfy #warm #maroon #ecofriendly #allergenfree #grateful #thankful #readyforsnow #whereisthesnow #stylish #style #beauty #festive #happyholidays #jacket #08l #makeup #makeuplover #beautygram

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