700FP Long Slimfit Quilted Round Neck Jacket DGMRDW9DJ003 [Cream]
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Woman Size

X-Small (Asia S, 90), Small (Asia M, 95), Medium (Asia L, 100), Large (Asia XL, 105)

6 reviews for 700FP Long Slimfit Quilted Round Neck Jacket DGMRDW9DJ003 [Cream]

    February 3, 2020
    #Repost @laizahill with @make_repost
    Cheers to a New Year! 2020 ?
    Let’s start making our dreams come true! ?
    Wearing MRD PFC Free DWR SlimFit Lightweight 700FP Down JK complimentary from @0.8l_usa .
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    2020년 1월 6일
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    February 3, 2020
    #Repost @wifeysukosd (@get_repost)
    Thank you @0.8l_usa for this amazing coat by @delights12 MRD!!! I absolutely love this winter lightweight down slimfit puffer coat in cream! ❄️

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    February 3, 2020
    #Repost @lucy_vee27 (@get_repost)
    Thank You For My MRD PFC Free DWR Slim fit Lightweight Jacket It’s Super Cute I Got It In The Color “Cream”❤️ / 2019.12.3
    #MRD #MIRACLEREALDOWN #Ecofriendly #Nontoxic #PFCFree #WinterJacket #LightweightJacket #GooseDownJacket #WaterRepellent

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    2019년 12월 8일
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    H**** S****
    February 1, 2020
    싸이즈가 잘 맞아요.
    화면생삭과 같습니다.
    저는 168cm, 60kg 이구요, CREAM / 95 를 샀어요.
    상품후기 잘 안쓰는데, 이 가격대 외투 크게 기대 안하고 샀다가 너무 맘에 들어서요.
    우선 친환경 제품이라 사본건데, 스타일이 너무 좋은거예요. 제가 한어깨 하는데 몸이 슬림해보이는 패턴인거 같아요.
    왼쪽팔에 붙은 로고는 100만원짜리 패딩스러운 고급감이구요.
    동봉된 발열조끼는 아직 사용 못해봤는데 추워지면 기대가 큽니다.
    제가 여행도 많이 다니는데 파우치도 깜찍하네요.
    완전 가성비 짱 입니다~
    It fits in a good size.
    It's like screen generation.
    I am 168cm and 60kg, and I bought CREAM / 95.
    I don't use product reviews, but I didn't expect much of this overcoat, and I really liked it.
    First of all, I bought it because it's eco-friendly, but the style is so good. I think it's a slimming pattern.
    The logo on my left arm is a padded luxury for 1 million won.
    I haven't used the enclosed heat vest yet, but I'm looking forward to it when it gets cold.
    I travel a lot, but the pouch is cute too.
    It's the best.

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    K*** s****
    January 31, 2020
    Purchase option: CREAM / 95
    안녕하세요~물품 잘 받았구요.
    지인의 소개로 구입하게 되었어요.
    제가 캐나다국적인데 한국에도 친환경소재의 옷이 드디어 나와서 기쁘구요,안심하고 입을수 있어서 너무 좋아요.
    일단 받자마자 입고 나갔는데 너무 가볍고 따뜻하고 좋아요 ^^
    10년동안 복원율 95%라니깐 오래오래 입을거에요.
    잘입을께요 ~ 번창하세요 .
    Purchase option: CREAM / 95
    Hello~ I received the goods well.
    I bought it on the introduction of an acquaintance.
    I am Canadian, but I am glad that clothes of eco-friendly materials are finally coming out in Korea. I am so glad that I can wear them with ease.
    I wore it as soon as I got it. It's so light, so warm and nice. ^^
    99% restoration rate. I'm going to wear it for a long years.
    I will wear it well. Please be prosperous.
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    D******* &**** G*****
    January 28, 2020
    #Repost @lovemydollss (@get_repost)
    Coat collab ?❤️ Thank you

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    2019년 12월5일
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