700FP Long Slimfit Quilted Round Neck Jacket DGMRDW9DJ002 [Navy]
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6 reviews for 700FP Long Slimfit Quilted Round Neck Jacket DGMRDW9DJ002 [Navy]

    February 4, 2020
    ?MRD PFC Free DWR Slimfit Lightweight 700FP Down Jacket •
    ? This jacket is extremely lightweight yet keeps me warm and cozy even in really cold weather. While taking the pics it was 45 degrees outside and extremely windy but I felt shielded from the cold. I love the longer length on this jacket. It looks great and fits me great too. The only thing that I can find that I would change is the depth of the pockets, they are very shallow. I accidentally lost my husbands Laker beanie because I couldn’t fit it all the way in the pocket.?
    It retails for around $399.99 which is extremely pricey but it really is a beautiful jacket that looks great and fits great. Plus the jacket is PFC & allergen free for those that might have allergies. I love this jacket and see me wearing this for many winters to come. ?????

    #MRD #MIRACLEREALDOWN #Ecofriendly #Nontoxic #PFCFree #WinterJacket #LightweightJacket #GooseDownJacket #WaterRepellent #DurableWaterRepellent

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    2019년 12월 17일
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    February 3, 2020
    Purchase option: Navy/95

    Oh, how light it is it?
    I got a present from my husband.
    I'm a couple look. Haha
    It's stylish, light, warm, and so nice.
    I think it's the best clothes I've worn recently.
    I'm relieved to hear that it's an eco-friendly outfit, so I'm going to buy my daughter one, too
    Thank you. I'll wear it well.

    어머~이렇게 가벼울수가^^
    남편에게 졸라서 선물받았네요
    커플룩이 되었어요 ㅎㅎ
    세련되고 가볍고 따뜻하고 너무 좋네요
    최근들어 입어본 옷들중에 가장 좋은것 같습니다.
    친환경옷이라니 안심이되요, 그래서 우리딸도 하나 사주려구요
    감사해요. 잘입을께요~
    저는 갤러리아몰에서 샀어요~

    바로가기 : http://www.galleria.co.kr/dispctg/viewDispctg.do?brand_id=44186
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    February 3, 2020
    Me: I want to be a warm, toasty burrito ? but then make it fashion.
    Enters @delights12 Slimfit lightweight 700FP ?

    I freakin love this jacket so much! ❤️It has been so cold and rainy and this jacket is just perfect for this weather. Literally feels like nothing but keeps me so warm! Love that it goes in the the waist so my shape doesn’t get lost. It looks big but it can be compressed easily to fit in a small pouch ?(also included?) So if you are inside and have no place to put it, just roll it up and put it in the bag! Genius! Thanks @0.8l_usa for sending me this jack to help me survive this winter.
    #asianblogger #vietnameseblogger #lablogger #lafashion #styleblogger #dailyhivevan #vacation #bloggerfashion #whowhatwear #realoutfitgram #ootdmagazine #dailystyle #trendhunter #outfitideas #beautybloggers
    #MRD #MIRACLEREALDOWN #Ecofriendly #Nontoxic #PFCFree #WinterJacket #LightweightJacket #GooseDownJacket #WaterRepellent

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    2019년 12월8일
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    D******* &**** G*****
    January 31, 2020
    #Repost @avarycooke with @make_repost
    I just might be in love with this MRD PFC Free DWR Slimfit Lightweight jacket from @delights12 #sponsored #gifted •
    I got to choose the black one, because well #momlife and I just love how fitting it is. It’s super lightweight but still keeps me very warm. It’s water resistant outside and inside with these wrist guards so no water will roll down your sleeves. I can move freely in it so I don’t feel restricted lol. There’s a few pockets that are nice and warm that can fit a iPhone. I just love that it’s eco friendly and not filled with yuck!

    It came at the best time! I’ve been wanting to get a new jacket but just don’t like spending money on myself!
    (@delights12 #suspended #gifted • 이 MRD PFC Free DWR Slimfit Lightweight 재킷을 사랑하게 될지도 모른다.
    난 검은색을 골라야해 왜냐면 #mom life와 나는 그게 얼마나 잘 어울리는지 좋아하거든 그것은 매우 가볍지만 여전히 나를 따뜻하게 해준다. 이 손목 보호대들은 바깥과 안쪽에 내수성이 있어서 소매에 물이 흘러내리지 않는다. 나는 그 안에서 자유롭게 움직일 수 있어. lol. 아이폰에 맞도록 멋지고 따뜻한 주머니가 몇 개 있다. 나는 그것이 친환경적이고 헉으로 가득 차 있지 않다는 것이 너무 좋아!

    그것은 가장 좋은 때에 왔다! 나는 새 재킷을 사고 싶었는데 내 자신에게 돈을 쓰는 것을 좋아하지 않아!)

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    2019년 12월20일

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    January 31, 2020
    일단 입자마자 마음에 쏙 들었어요.
    95싸이즈가 딱 맞긴한데 겨울옷 이너웨어가 두꺼워서 넉넉히 입으려고
    100싸이즈를 구입했어요.
    그런데 입어보니 옷은 넉넉한데 옷맵시는 전혀 차이가 없었어요.
    스타일이 너무 이쁘고 날씬해보이는 장점이 있네여.
    좋은옷 정말 감사합니다.
    올겨울이 든든하네요~

    Purchase option: Navy/100

    As soon as I wore it, I loved it.
    It fits perfectly in size 95, but winter clothes are thick so I'm going to wear enough.
    I bought a size 100.
    But when I wore it, I had enough clothes, but there was no difference in the size of my clothes.
    Wow, this is amazing!
    The style is so pretty and it has the advantage.
    Thank you very much for your nice clothes.
    This winter is good.
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    D******* &**** G*****
    January 28, 2020
    #Repost @just_sariis_makeup (@get_repost)
    I am very VERY happy with this ?MRD slim fit lightweight goose down jacket, got to use it in a very cold rainy day a few days back, and it was so warm and the rain drops just fell of my jacket like nothing, love the color too, the ONLY thing I don’t like is that little button at the end of the zipper, But besides that I love it and I recommend it!! .
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