700FP Slimfit Quilted Zipup Neck Jacket DGMRDM9DJ001 [Black]
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4 reviews for 700FP Slimfit Quilted Zipup Neck Jacket DGMRDM9DJ001 [Black]

    February 3, 2020
    Hello, I'm Dominic.
    I always wear this.
    It's light and warm, and above all, it's eco-friendly.
    He's a big fan of MRD.~
    It's a photo shoot. ^^
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    February 3, 2020
    ????? This is the @delights12 Miracle Real Down PFC Free DWR Men’s Slimfit Jacket. MRD is designed for customers to enjoy any leisure and daily activity, keeping fresh and dry thanks to its innovative patented technology. ❄️ 100% Nylon, Contains Bluesign accredited materials. Slim-Fit quilted design, Detachable hood, Easy to handle Front snap zipper, Hand warmer w/ brushed tricot side pockets, inside elastic Storm cuffs, 100% Safe Green Product, made with No hazardous chemicals including carcinogenic harmful PFC’s, Ethically sourced & Sustainable supply chain, Hypoallergenic ❄️ (Outer Shell) Breathable Ultra-Thin Microporous Down-Proof coating without membrane film ❄️ (Insulation) Fluorocarbon free WR treated Grey goose down, 700 fill power 90:10 ❄️ Maintains 40 times hydrophobic durability. High loft, 4-8 times faster dry when wet, Retails for $299 ? My Opinion ? When I first open the box, I could not believe how extremely thin and light the coat was! ? My first thought was that this coat couldn’t possibly protect you from super low temperatures. After my husband wore it to work on extremely cold day, I was proven wrong! He said it was super comfortable, kept him dry (because it was raining/sleeting that day), and that it kept him warm throughout the whole day! He loves the storm/wind proof cuffs inside the jacket too. Keeps the cold out. ? He’s so so happy with the jacket!! I’m going to try to wear it as well. Don’t let how thin and light the jacket is fool you, it is super effective at keeping out the cold and keeping you nice and dry in the process! Thank you so much @delights12 for the chance to review this awesome jacket! ?

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    2019년 12월 17일
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    January 31, 2020
    Purchase option: Black/100

    민감성 피부라서 독성유해물질 알레르기로 피부 트러블 자주 발생하는편인데 국내외 유일한 13종 PFCs Free 친환경 웰빙다운 이라는 친한 동생의 추천을 통해 구매하게 되었어요

    처음에는 눈,비에 쉽게 젖지않는 기능성 소재라고해서 착용감이 불편할까봐 걱정했는데 예상보다 너무 부드럽고 가벼워서 착장감이 너무 마음에 듭니다. 입체패턴이라서 그런지 골프 연습장이나 야외활동시에도 활동성에 불편함없이 없어서 더 맘에 듭니다

    중국 만주에서 유학중인 큰딸이 이번 설연휴 연휴때 들어와서는 잠깐 입어보더니 너무 가볍고 편하다며 친구들 모임때 빌려 입고가서는 돌려주지 않아서 블루 그레이로 추가 주문했더니 옆에서 아내가 자기도 여자꺼 블랙칼라 마음에 쏙 든다며 사달라고 계속 졸라데서 가족의 건강과 가정의 평화를 위해 큰맘 먹고 질러버렸다는 ㅋㅋ

    패밀리 룩으로 강력추천합니다 !!!

    Because it's sensitive skin, it often causes skin problems due to allergies of toxic chemicals. I bought 13 kinds of PFCs Free eco-friendly well-being recommendations from Korea and abroad.

    At first, I was worried that it might be uncomfortable to wear it because it is a functional material that doesn't get wet easily, but it's so soft and light that I like the dressing style. As it is a three-dimensional pattern, I like it more because there is no inconvenience in my activities in golf practice or outdoor activities.

    My eldest daughter, who is studying abroad in Manchuria, China, came in for the Lunar New Year holiday and said, "It's too light and comfortable." I borrowed it at a meeting with friends and ordered it in blue grey. My wife in the next instance begged me to buy her black collar, which is good for my family's health and peace.

    Strongly recommend to family look !!!
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    January 23, 2020
    I bought it on the recommendation of an acquaintance.
    It's nice to look slim and young.
    I also like the removal of the hat.

    It's an eco-friendly material, so I think I can wear it safely and for a long time.
    Wish you a prosperous life.
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