700FP Slimfit Quilted Zipup Neck Jacket DGMRDM9DJ002 [Bluegrey]
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5 reviews for 700FP Slimfit Quilted Zipup Neck Jacket DGMRDM9DJ002 [Bluegrey]

    February 3, 2020
    #Repost @jenizreviewz (@get_repost)
    The MRD PFC Free DWR SlimFit Lightweight 700 FP Down JK is the lightest and most slimming winter coat of it's kind.
    With a removable hood and carrying case for it and gloves or even a wallet and keys, you can just grab this jacket and go!
    It's perfect for chilly days, torrential rains and even blistering snow.
    The material is made to keep you dry on the inside and out.
    The eco friendly material keeps sweat away from your skin while the outer shell keeps you dry from the elements.
    The ultra slim design allows you to perform daily, physical and athletic activities all without the bulkiness of traditional coats and jackets.
    A huge thank you to 08l_us and MRD for gifting me this product retailing at $299 USD in exchange for my honest opinion.
    (MRD PFC Free DWR SlimFit Lightweight 700 FP Down JK는 동종 중에서 가장 가볍고 슬림한 겨울 코트다.
    탈부착이 가능한 후드, 운반용 케이스와 장갑, 심지어 지갑과 열쇠까지 있으면, 이 재킷을 들고 가기만 하면 돼!
    쌀쌀한 날, 폭우, 심지어 눈까지 내리기에 안성맞춤이다.
    이 재료는 안과 밖이 마르지 않게 하기 위해 만들어졌다.
    환경 친화적인 소재로 피부에서 땀이 떨어지도록 하는 동시에 겉껍질이 원소에서 건조함을 유지시켜주는 제품 입니다.
    매우 슬림한 디자인으로 기존의 코트와 재킷의 부피 없이 매일, 육체적으로, 그리고 운동할 수 있다.
    나의 솔직한 의견을 대가로 299달러에 이 제품을 판매해 준 것에 대해 08l_us와 MRD에게 대단히 감사한다.)

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    2019년 12월4일
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    February 3, 2020
    #Repost @lovelifebeauty.blog with @make_repost
    This is something totally different than my usual skincare/beauty content. But I just thought to share it with you guys just in case your looking for the perfect winter gift for your special someone, and/or your family member.
    Before I post my review on the the awesome jacket my husband got from @delights12.... Can I just appreciate how awesome my husband is? When I tell you how lucky I am to have him in my life, I really do mean it. It may not look like it but I’m a very difficult wife to deal with ? I have crazy mood swings especially when I’m on my period but he just calmly wait and is still here.
    We had such a crazy love story — I mean how often do you come across high school sweethearts get married? — to get to where we are so I really do appreciate him and love him a lot ❤️
    As for the winter jacket, so far he is very pleased with it. According to him it keeps him warm and dry during any activities. Unlike other coats, the rain seem to bounce right off so that you can stay warm and dry.
    This jacket is very lightweight, and breathable yet slim fit so it keeps all the warm in and the cold out.
    It also has a detachable hood for those days you don’t need it and can just take it off and reattach it when you want.
    Also we both love that it’s travel friendly. It has a pouch that you can put the jacket in so it’s easy for you to carry it and it more convenient that way.
    #MRD #MIRACLEREALDOWN #Ecofriendly #Nontoxic #PFCFree #WinterJacket #LightweightJacket #GooseDownJacket #WaterRepellent #DurableWaterRepellent #08liter #08L #blogloverz #bloggercommunity #momblogger #holidaygifts #holidaygiftguide #beautylovesquad #palmbabecrew #beautybinged #ladl3l00ks #bloggernyc #wifeblogger #forhimgifts
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    2019년 12월 20일⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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    A** Y*** S**
    January 31, 2020
    와우~! 가볍고 따뜻해요!! ^^
    겨울에 등산이랑 운동할때 입으려고 구스점퍼 찾다가 구매했어요
    친환경소재라고 되어있어서 수입제품인가 했는데 국산제품이라 놀랬고요,
    상품평이 없어서 반신반의하고 구매 해봤는데 일단 평을 남기자면,
    운동할때 입을 용도로 구매했어요
    제가 매일 테니스를 하는데 활동성도 좋아서 올 겨울은 따뜻하게 운동할 수 있을것 같아요
    배송은 하루만에 왔고 구성품은 발열조끼가 사은품으로 왔는데
    USB로 충전하는 식인것 같은데 아직 착용하진 않았구요
    옷 보관주머니? 있었구요, 모자는 탈부착 가능합니다.
    700필파워? 가볍고 따뜻했고요 , 보통 비싸서 300~400FP 입었는데
    가격대비 솜이 빨빵하고 박음질이랑 전체적으로 고급스럽게 보입니다.
    제 착용샷인데 돼지라 ㅋ 슬림핏이라 날씬하게 보이는 효과는 보너스입니다
    암튼 배송이랑 상품 구성품 가격까지 전체적으로 만족했어용
    잘 입을께요.
    ------------------- 구매싸이트:쿠팡
    평소싸이즈 : 105
    키 : 173 Cm
    사이즈 : 105
    색상 : 화면과 같아요
    이글 바로가기
    Wow! It's light and warm! ^^
    I was looking for a goose jumper to wear for hiking and exercising in the winter.
    It says eco-friendly materials, so I thought it was imported, but I was surprised because it was made in Korea.
    I bought it with half confidence because I didn't have a product review. But once I left a comment,
    I bought it for exercise.
    I play tennis everyday, and I think I can exercise warm this winter because I am very active.
    The delivery came in a day, and the components were bought by a heating vest.
    It looks like it's USB charging, but I haven't worn it yet.
    A pocket for keeping clothes Yes, the hat is removable.
    700 phil power? light and warm, usually 300 to 400 f.p.
    The cotton is red for the price, the mortar and overall it looks luxurious.
    It's a photo of me wearing it. Pig. Slim fit makes me look slim. Bonus.
    Anyway, I'm satisfied with the overall shipping and product component prices.
    I'll wear it well.
    ---------------------------------------- Purchase site: Coupang
    Normal size: 105
    Key: 173 cm
    Size: 105
    Color: Same as the screen.
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    K** Y**** D*
    January 31, 2020
    Purchase option: Bluegray/105

    이옷을 산지가 벌써 3달째 인데요,
    골프 라운딩 나갈때 늘 이옷을 입어요.
    정말 가볍고 따뜻하고 통기성까지 좋아서
    제가 많이 홍보 하고 자랑하고 다닌답니다
    좋은 패딩점퍼 제가 다 감사해요 ^^
    다른색 재구매 의사 있습니다~
    MRD 강추입니다~!!

    It's been three months since I bought this dress.
    I always wear this outfit when I go out for the round of golf.
    It's really light, warm, and airy.
    I've been promoting and bragging a lot.
    Thank you for all the good padded jumpers. ^^
    I'm willing to buy it again in other~
    MRD strongly recommended~!!
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    January 6, 2020
    It's so light and warm.
    Above all, I like it because it is environmentally friendly.
    Thank you.
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